Message from Chairman

Driven by Purpose

Md. Bazlul Huq Baizid


Max Secure Limited was created with a dream to stand by the people of this country, to help them to do good and to make a difference. Unemployment is a serious problem that we have been facing from our independence and it has in many instances jeopardized our progression to becoming truly an independent nation. My organization stands by the people of this country to help alleviate poverty by creating jobs for some of the most underprivileged people of the country. We deal with individuals who often don’t have much educational background, who have not acquired any skills for professional labor, and in addition who does not even have a minimal financial ability to help them to survive. Without jobs, these individuals usually turn to a life of crime and end up destroying themselves and their families. So for us, our Magnum Opus, is to provide a decent life for our people with dignity and justice. Stand with Max Secure Limited, and let us Driven By Purpose.